Prices for heart moulds

without embossing

Pilot project offer: In exchange for a 20 % price reduction on your first project with us, we are allowed to use your outcome in a case study on our website and for marketing purposes.

Order amountprice Austria (plus delivery)Pilot projet offer Austria (plus delivery)price Germany (plus delivery)Pilot projet offer Germany (plus delivery)
to 250 unitsà 9,33 €à 7,47 €à 11,20 €à 8,96 €
over 500 unitsà 7,42 €à 5,939 €à 8,91 €à 7,13 €
over 1,250 unitsà 6,03 €à 4,82 €à 7,25 €à 5,80 €
over 2,500 unitsà 5,48 €à 4,38 €à 6,58 €à 5,26 €
over 5,000 unitsà 5,307 €à 4,24 €à 6,38 €à 5,10 €
over 7,500 unitsà 5,25 €à 4,19 €à 6,29 €à 5,03€
over 10,000 unitsà 5,017 €à 4,01 €à 6,01 €à 4,81 €

Prices for the rest of the EU and worldwide on request.

Prices are understood to be net prices (excluding VAT).

Äpfel in Form sind ein unverwechselbares Kundengeschenk

Heart Shape with embossing

The fruit grows in there and a three-dimensional effect is created.

Tool costs Austria: € 2,000 (from a quantity of 1,000 pieces)
Tool costs Germany: € 2,400 (from a quantity of 1,000 pieces)

Prices are understood to be net prices (excluding VAT) plus delivery.

Guide to mount heart shapes

How are the shapes assembled and attached? Which apple varieties are suitable? What do I have to consider? Find the answers to these questions and more tips in our user guide, and a visual guide on our youtube channel.